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Did you know that your eyes reveal insight regarding your overall health? In fact, your eyes provide early detection for many different diseases that can affect more than just your vision! That's why we routinely perform tests that look for signs and symptoms of many different diseases, not just eye diseases, during your regularly scheduled eye health evaluation.

Illnesses that may be discovered early on through signs in your eyes include high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and even heart disease. That is why it is so important to leave your total eyecare to professionals. We feel it's important to review your family history then monitor and watch for signs of possibly inherited diseases or illnesses as another precaution.

Co-Management with Ophthalmologists
Sometimes, even when you do everything right, we still discover a problem. The vast majority of ocular diseases present slowly and with little warning. It is vital that care be delivered at the most opportune time. As a result, the optometrists at Cold Lake EyeCare have cultivated an excellent network of specialists. We have close ties to many sub-specialists including retinal, glaucoma, refractive laser, corneal disease, ocular muscle/strabismic, plastics, neuro-ophthalmologists and cataract ophthalmologists.
Cold Lake EyeCare Specialists
Alberta Retinal Consultants Go to Website
Dr. Mark Greve
Dr. Brad Hinz
Dr. Matthew Tennant
Dr. Riz Somani
Dr. Chad Baker
Dr. David Ehmann
Suite 400, 10924 - 107 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5H 0X5
780 448-1801

Retina Imaging Centre LTD. Go to Websitee
Dr. Linda Uniat
Retina - Vitreous
Suite 702, HYS Centre
111010 - 101 Street
Edmonton, AB T5H 4B9
780 421-0465

Edmonton Eyelids Go to Website
Dr. Royce Johnson
Dr. Audrey Chan
Dr. Andrew Tingn
Eye Physician and Surgeon Specializing in Ophthalmic Plastic and Lacrimal Surgery
First Edmonton Place
1190, 10665 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB T5J 3S9
780 425-4521

Dr. Morley Kutzner
Eye Disorders and Micro Surgery
Suite 611 HYS Centre
11010 - 101 Street
Edmonton, AB T5H 4B9
780 429-3937

Royal Alexandra Hospital Eye Clinic Go to Website
Dr. Stan Chan
Cornea, Uveitis and Cataract Surgery
780 735-4985
Dr. Michael Johnson
General Ophthalmology & Neuro-Ophthalmology
780 735-4769
Dr. Ordan Lehmann
Genetics & Glaucoma
780 735-4720
Dr. Chris Rudnisky
General Ophthalmology
780 735-5013
Dr. Ezekiel Weis
780 735-4932
Royal Alexandra Hospital 10240 Kingsway Ave. Edmonton, AB T5H 3V9 780 735-5754 (Eye Clinic)

Eye Q Premium Laser Go to Website
Dr. Joseph Leong-Sit
Dr. Jessica Ting
Dr. Dean Mah
Corneal Transplantation, Cataract, and Refractive Surgery
10565 - 124th Street
Edmonton, AB T5N 1R8
1 866 467-2015
Albert MD Go to Website
Dr. Michael Dorey
Dr. Rehan Riyaz
Dr. Kam Kassiri
Dr. Samer Abuswider
Dr. Jaspreet Rayat
103, 2731 Hewes Way
Edmonton, AB T5H 0X5
1 780 448-1801

Gimbel Eye Centre (Calgary) Go to Website
Cataract & Refractive Surgery
Dr. Howard V. Gimbel
Dr. John van Westenbrugge
Dr. Kevin Warrian
Dr. Mona Purla
Dr. Marcella LaBelle
Suite 450, 4935 - 40 Ave NW
Calgary, AB T3A 2N1
1 800 661-1136
Gimbel Eye Centre (Edmonton) Suite 140, 11910 - 111 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5G 0E5
1 888 211-4822
780 452-4111
Dr. Geoffrey Kaye
Dr. Andrew MacHuk
Dr. Nohad Telliani

Glaucoma Consultants Go to Website
Dr. Marianne Edwards
Dr. Sylvia Chen
Dr. Jennifer Hodges
Dr. Ernest Hodges
#310, 10924 - 107 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5H 0X5
780 990-0670
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